Munich 2011

High End

The 108 kg new reference power amplifier, Gryphon Mephisto had world premiere at the show.


This year Gryphon had a static display with focus on a range of new products.


The Mephisto was the talking piece of the show.


The new top-of-the -line pre-amp, the Pandora caught a lot of attention.


2 of the leading web magazines were extremely complimentary to Gryphon's 2011 show. SoundStage wrote in their show report "The most complete product line in High End Audio" and Enjoy the gave Gryphon Best of 2011 award. (picture courtesy of SoundStage).


The Gryphon baby suits not only the Gryphon founder.


Distributors dinner was held at BMW Welt with great food, wine and company.