Guangzhou 2011

Hifi Show

The Mephisto/Pandora World Tour included the largest hifi event in China, the Guangzhou Hifi Show at White Swan Hotel. This show attracts over 20.000 Chinese audiophiles over a few hectic days.


HK/China distributor, Audio Supplies had a very busy room and in best China style, a selection of charming girl was making people feel welcome. A special poster with Gryphon's CEO and the Mephisto was made for the show and many Gryphon anniversary books were signed to devoted Gryphon fans.


With 1000 square meters of showroom, several purpose built and brand-dedicated sound rooms, including a really spectacular Gryphon room, leading high end retailer, Yeller in Shenzhen may be the biggest high-end store in China.


The prime location in a up-scale mall and with a staff of over 40 people in the shop, this is an audio mecca for any audiophile.


It is clear to anyone that high-end is very healthy in China, the more modest priced products are available from a lot of local manufacturers that are very prolific and talented.


The Chinese audiophiles are enthusiastic, competent and they know their music, perhaps due to a firmly embedded cultural musical tradition that is very much alive and not reserved the few.