Gryphon 2005

Gryphon's 20th Anniversary

Tommy Thomsen, CEO of TT-Electronics. Maybe he should form a division called TT-Racing!


It looks like Gert Liske and Lars Mathiesen are having a good time talking to Flemming Rasmussen.


The party does not prevent Morten Flensted and Anker Andersen from discussing the final details of the Trident.


If you took this shot for face value, you would not know that both Jimmy Frisk and Per Sønderskov are into biking in a big way.


This historic tour boat took the party on a beautiful tour on the lakes around Ry.


Claus Gormsen and Tommy Thomsen support the local breweries.


Anybody knowing what the weather is like in Denmark would think that the weather gods looks mildly on Gryphon.


Legendary DJ of Danish Radio, Al Jones probably shares his deep knowledge about music with Gryphon's Niels Madsen.


Steen Rytter of Gryphon lectures on the grand past of the boat.


The passionate hunter Bjarne Stenholt of Gryphon once again spotted something in the horizon.


Who can tell from this photo that Tommy Thomsen and Tom Møller of Gryphon had been working around the clock to meet the deadline on the new Gryphon integrated, the Diablo?


The anniversary lunch was prepared by an italian chef and held in these beautiful surroundings.