Atilla “Best Buy” in Haute Fidélité

October 17, 2011     (To news archive)

Gryphon Atilla has been reviewed by Patrice Philippe of Haute Fidélité and he concludes his review: "For a lot of people, owning a Gryphon remains a dream; with the Atilla, given the sound quality and the manufacturing, which are impeccable, with the price of 8250 euros this “small” Gryphon is not for every budget, but is at least for most passionate fans, who will never regret there investment. We are not absolutely sure of the absolute linearity of Atilla, but we are certain that listening is a pure enjoyment. We recommend without any reserve this entry level model of the Danish manufacturer now fully represented in our country”

Timber, Dynamic, Image, Transparency and Value are all 5/5.

Click on below image to read the full review (in French)