Gryphon’s Song

August 25, 2011     (To news archive)

"Stereo and Video" reviews a complete Gryphon system consisting of Trident, Mikado, Mirage and Colosseum, and says:

"In general the system sound can be described as very fast, detailed and with excellent tonal balance. The sound stage is wide, deep, with very accurate imaging and true proportions. Any preferences in genre are not audible - jazz and rock sounds equally on level as well as a big symphonic orchestra with choir. The sound of the system is neutral, but not cold - quite the contrary, natural and alive. The bass is very deep and articulate, but not heavy. The higher frequency response is reproduced completely to a record limit, but also on sharp fragments the sound does not cause the slightest irritation. Thus, the system can reproduce practically any genres without imposing any sonic signature of its own."

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