Mirage & Colosseum review – Haute Fidélité (updated)

August 30, 2010     (To news archive)

Gryphon top-of-the-line electronic components receive highest possible score and best accolade “Reference Haute Fidélité”.

The magazine concludes (in English translation):

“As usual, the Danish designer has not skimped on the concept and build quality of the two electronic jewels dubbed the Mirage preamplifier and Colosseum power amplifier. Frankly, we had been quite taken with the sonic performance of their integrated Diablo. It appears that the envelope has been pushed much further back with the Mirage/Colosseum pairing, which deserves to be regarded as a sonic reference that will go down in the history of high fidelity.

The exclusive build and pedigree of each component are combined with perfectly optimised technical solutions mastered by the makers. The breathtaking performance manifests itself to the listener as a neutral rendering, subtle and captivating, yet capable of expanding from a whisper to a blast of notes at the slightest prompting. The radical cosmetic aesthetics add a touch of elite distinction essential in products of total sonic transparency. Stunning."

Click on above image to see review (English translation) or here for the original French version.