First Scorpio review (updated)

August 29, 2010     (To news archive)

Gryphon's newest addition, the CD-player Scorpio receives acclaim by French "Stéréo, Prestige & Image”.

The magazine concludes (in English translation):

“Summary of a Sonic Aesthetic - With the high end Scorpio CD player/converter, Gryphon has truly remained faithful to its signature sound of great musical distinction. It achieves a veritable musical alchemy, fast transient response, tonal accuracy which does not vary as a function of volume, fluid handling of melody, with absolutely remarkable positioning in the stereo image. Such perfect harmony among often contradictory parameters is extremely rare to find, even in the “high end” to which Gryphon has belonged for many years. One can only congratulate the designers for the success of their achievement with Scorpio, a digital source that is truly musical in every sense of the word."

Click on below image to see review (English translation) or here for the original French version.

According to measurement performed by the magazine the noise floor of the Scorpio is as low as -128dB