Diablo scores five out of five on all parameters

February 28, 2010     (To news archive)

The Gryphon Diablo receives best possible award “REFERENCE” in France and highest achievable score.

Excerpts in English from Haute Fidélité magazine:

“The Danish Gryphon products have been absent in France for several years. We are very pleased that they now reappear. Diablo is the manufacturer's most powerful integrated amplifier. It offers wonderful music reproduction, based on a flawless topology and implementation of full-fledged technical solutions.”

“Hard like a rock, powerful like a Viking, the Gryphon Diablo electronics particularly seduced us on a range of sound qualities rarely found together in an integrated at this price. As quick as lightning and capable of supplying 800 watts continuously per channel, difficult speakers will not make it afraid. Its neutrality and its correct reproduction makes one almost forget that it is not running in Class A. The construction is in every way admirable and the technical solutions are at the same level as the resulting sound.”, writes William Savignac – Haute Fidélité.

Click on image above to see review (in French)