Diablo & Mikado Signature in HiFi Piac

January 25, 2010     (To news archive)

Excerpts in English from Hungarian review:

... "We may well think carefully about how us "experts" always tend to agree in theory that such wattage is definitely over the top for the home, yet once a real "powerhouse" starts up, and sound begins to stream from the speakers with the effortlessness of mountain air, those opinions are reconsidered quite a bit."

.... "Along with sheer power, I also experienced an exquisitely cultured and sophisticated sound; the brasses were just as metallic as they needed to be, while the string parts resolved the tension built up at peak moments in gentle waves. The aural space extended way beyond the boxes to the sides - it is only a minor exaggeration to say that my entire room was turned into a concert hall. A huge volume of air was in motion; at some moments it seemed that the sound was not coming from the boxes but from the rear wall."


The trio of sophistication, naturalness and power create an unbeatable combination regardless of genre, as after all those are the qualities required for creating the illusion of live music."