Gryphon Headline AC cord

October 26, 2008     (To news archive)

Gryphon is delighted to announce that Gryphon Headline AC cord. The VIP series of cables are enjoying a substantial success and especially the power cord is very popular.
However, these are expensive cables primarely targeting the upper range of our electronics.

Some customers has been asking for a High End AC cord that price wise is matching products such as Diablo.
Based on our VIP experience and long history with AC cords, Gryphon will soon introduce the Gryphon Headline. It is a remarkable AC cord based on the best OFC copper and in VIP tradition. It has a double screen and 3 separate conductors in a tight geometry.

This cable will certainly be a worthwhile investment for the Gryphon owner as an alternative to standard AC cords and bring out the best in products such as integrated amplifiers, CD Players and Preamps.
The cable comes in a sturdy gift box with the Gryphon logo embedded in gold. Expected shipping time: Just in time for x-mas.

It will retail for Euro 599.00 + VAT