Gryphon Diablo Selected Product of the Year

February 10, 2008     (To news archive)

The editors of Lyd & Bilde (Sound & Image magazine), Norway, present their Products of the Year for 2007 in the January, 2008 issue.

Following the glowing review of the Gryphon Diablo last year, it comes as no surprise that it is ranked among the best new audio components of 2007. Here is the complete story in translation:

Devilishly Good

The Diablo catches the eye. It looks like no other amplifier and few can equal its sound quality.

Danish Gryphon has led a quiet life in Norway, a fact that we hope will change now that the Diablo joins our Top Five list of the best integrated amplifiers that we have tested. Ever.

Its spectacular appearance is entirely appropriate, because this 250 Watt devil can breathe life into even the most anemic loudspeakers. Suddenly, you experience deep bass with rock-steady control all the way up to the point where your body surrenders and your heart starts beating in time to the bass drum.

It is as if nothing can make the Diablo stumble, as it lays out a huge, three-dimensional soundstage that must be heard to be believed. It maintains full control, music is presented with authority and small loudspeakers simply seem bigger when connected to this potent devil.

Top marks: 6 stars out of 6.