Long-awaited Colosseum now shipping

January 10, 2008     (To news archive)

The Gryphon Colosseum Stereo power amplifier has been eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts worldwide as the long-awaited partner to the Gryphon Mirage preamplifier, last year’s radical design experiment that laid down the cornerstone for a third tier of product lines starting with the Diablo/Atlantis combo and culminating with the Mirage/Colosseum/Poseidon ultra high end system.

The Colosseum represents the most comprehensive development project in Gryphons 23-year history. It does not replace any amplifiers in the existing line-up. It simply introduces a new level for the fortunate few.


The majestic oval-shaped 70 cm tall high rise tower of the Gryphon Colosseum features end plates machined from solid blocks of 40 mm black polyvinylmethacrylate. The amplifier is suspended between the curved, de-coupled panels in a unique configuration that provides optimal layout and operating conditions for all components. The dual transformers are isolated and effectively shielded to prevent unwanted interaction with other components.

As pioneered with the Gryphon loudspeakers, the Colosseum side panels can be customized to offer any finish, matching decor and depth of pocket. This is a first in audio and is the natural consequence of the philosophy that at this price point, the owner deserves not only sound quality that lives up to the highest audiophile standards, but also a design statement to please the eye on a daily basis.

While the Colosseum continues the striking Gryphon luxury oriented design trend, details such as 2 x 160 Watts Pure Class A output power, 48 High-current bipolar output transistors, a 440,000 microFarad power capacitor bank and flat frequency response extending beyond 350 kHz reaffirm the brand’s ongoing commitment to continue delivering uncompromising sound quality to the most hardcore Audiophile. The 80 kg powerhouse comes in a dedicated flightcase for maximum protection.