Gryphon Audio Designs Introduces The Poseidon

September 27, 2004     (To news archive)

The Poseidon Reference Standard Loudspeaker System

Ry, Denmark, September 5, 2004 - Gryphon Audio Designs of Denmark announced today the release of possibly the most elaborate and uncompromising loudspeaker in the history of home audio, the Gryphon Poseidon. Constant Phase and True Time Alignment ensure sound quality worthy of Gryphon’s sumptuous furniture design.

Named after the Greek god of all things nautical and seismological, the four-piece, 34-driver Poseidon system consists of matching mid/high frequency towers and bass towers for each channel and stands an imposing 199 cm (6 ft. 6 1/2”) tall.

A bold expression of faith and confidence in the future of High End audio, the Gryphon Poseidon reaffirms the company’s 20-year commitment to two-channel audio on the cutting edge of technological innovation and aesthetic design.

Gryphon founder and CEO Flemming E. Rasmussen explains, “When we created the stand-mounted Gryphon Cantata loudspeaker for big-speaker performance in a normal-sized living space, listeners immediately became curious as to what we would do if size and cost were no object. Luckily, we had been working on that very thing for nearly 15 years with a constantly evolving loudspeaker project that we used as a reference in our amplifier and CD player design work.”

With 16 – 40,000 Hz frequency response +3 dB (depending on Q setting and room size), the 4-way sealed-enclosure system is based on a constant-phase crossover with all drivers in phase at all times at all frequencies, quite possibly for the first time in any loudspeaker.

Each bass column incorporates eight 8” drivers and a custom designed 1,000 Watt (4 Ohms) Gryphon amplifier. The bass columns employ Gryphon’s active Q Control room integration technology for smooth, extended bass response in virtually any environment. Q and bass level can be adjusted from the listening position with the Poseidon remote control. The separate active crossover networks weigh in at 35 kg (77 lbs) per channel.

Weight of complete Poseidon system: 800 Kgs.

The mid/high system utilizes four 5" midbass drivers and four 5” midrange units and the Scan Speak ring radiator tweeter in a 1 kg aluminum housing specially designed by Gryphon.

The four exquisitely finished cabinets feature a distinctive arched baffle precisely calculated to ensure true time alignment at the listening position. According to Rasmussen, available finish options are limited only by “the imagination of the buyer and the goodwill of his bank manager.”

Recommended list price is: 130.000 USD

About Gryphon Audio Designs

Since its inception in 1985, Gryphon Audio Designs of Denmark has earned a worldwide reputation for state of the art performance, intuitive ergonomics and stunning aesthetic design.

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