Before you contact Gryphon:

  • Please read the FAQ section of this website.
  • For technical questions of any kind, please contact your Gryphon dealer; he will then contact us.
  • Service enquiries must always be directed to the dealer where the product was purchased. If you do not know this dealer, you should contact the nearest Gryphon dealer.
  • We do not have the capacity to answer questions about serialnumbers, purchase date, original price or other historical questions about specific products. Please check the product information section of the website.
  • All our distributors and dealers are listed on the website. If no dealer/distributor is listed for your country or region, we do not have any sales representation in your country at the moment but service may be available.
    Please read the FAQ about this situation. Pay attention to the warranty conditions if purchases are made from other regions.

Thank you for understanding and accepting that we have a very limited capacity to reply to direct emails. Please use our dealers or distributors. They are chosen for their commitment and service level and will reply to all your questions.

What is the nature of your inquiry?

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